5 Crazy VMA Moments We'll Never Forget!

From the red carpet, to the not so funny jokes from the host, to that one time Kanye got us on stage and all made us cringe. The VMAs have seen it all. We can always count on something dramatic to happen. So while we wait for tonight's show, let's go back down memory lane and revisit some crazy moments from the VMAs.

The most legendary moment of the 2009 VMAs was definitely when Kanye took the award from Taylor Swift and said Beyonce 'deserved it. I think we all wanted to cry for Taylor in that moment - and I recently learned that Beyonce actually started crying too.


Talk about some major PDA. During the 2003 MTV VMAs, Madonna opened the show with 'Like A Virgin', and had Britney Spears and Christina Augilera share the stage with her. At the end of the performance she made out with them both. It was 2003, so this was a real shocker!


At the 2009 MTV VMAs Lil Mama made us all cringe when she jumped on stage when Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were performing 'Empire State of Mind'. It caused a lot of drama between her and Alicia Keys. She has still not been able to live that moment down.


Talk about awkward. During the 2013 MTV VMAs, Miley Cyrus was on stage when Robin Thicke performed 'Blurred Lines'. She was all over this married man in a lingerie set and even stuck her tongue out.


The 2015 MTV VMA awards got a little political. Kanye West announced his run for president of The United States among other things. He didn't actually campaign or run for it, but looking back he could've easily won. In 2015 he also stopped the beef with Taylor Swift, but that did not last very long.



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