How To Report Price Gouging!

One thing I can't stand, is people talking advantage of other people in vulnerable situations like disasters. Every year on social media during hurricane season, we see pictures circulating of local stores trying to sell packs of bottled water, ice, and generators significantly over-priced. Of course, people are going to buy them because there is a demand - but it's wrong and against the law!

Florida officials are urging consumers to report stores who are trying to price gouge items. While on Instagram yesterday, my friend posted a picture of a pack of Zephryhills water for $11.00. As an avid water drinker, I know a pack goes for $4.00 at most. I told him to keep the picture and fill out the price gouge form on the State of Florida website. Store-owners and corporations can be prosecuted for hiking prices and they should be held accountable.

Here's how you can report price gougers:


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