Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? 10 Essentials You Need In Your Home!

If Hurricane Dorian taught us anything, it's definitely that we should all be more prepared at home. As soon as we found out about the developing system, there was a mad dash of people to local stores where shelves were cleared of water, bread, snacks and non-perishables. Some people waited in line for two hours for gas.While we can't predict how much gas we'll have in our car before the next storm, we can make sure our pantry and hurricane kit is stocked.

Here are 10 essentials you need in your home for a hurricane:

  1. Water. Lots and lots of water. One gallon a day per person and for a minimum of three days.
  2. Flashlights with extra batteries.
  3. Snacks and non-perishables. Did you know you can freeze bread for longer than its expiration date and thaw it out when you need it? Purchase a plastic box with a cover and keep hurricane only snacks and non-perishables in it and only touch it during an emergency.
  4. A can-opener so you can eat those canned goods.
  5. Portable phone chargers that are fully charged, I would say two per phone in your house.
  6. Cash tucked away in the same box as your hurricane only food. Some restaurants and stores are unable to do card transactions after a hurricane because of no internet or electricity.
  7. Blankets for every person in your house. You never know where you may have to sleep during or after a hurricane.
  8. Candles and a ton of matches. During a hurricane, electricity is one of the first things to go.
  9. A RADIO, so you can hear the latest updates from your favorite local radio station, Y100!
  10. Copies of your house, health, and car insurance in case anything is damaged or you're injured.
  • If you have pets, have extra food for them in a hurricane only kit.


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