Stay Inside: Strong Wind and Gusts In Tri-County Area Today!

There's nothing 'gone with the wind fabulous' about today's South Florida weather forecast. The tri-county area is expected to feel a lot of wind and gusts in the coming hours. Palm Beach may experience up to 60 mph, Broward up to 55mph, and Miami-Dade up to 45 mph gusts.

Weather and state officials are still asking for residents to stay home and be prepared for anything as we are still feeling some of the effects from Hurricane Dorian.

Gusts are reported when winds reach over 18 mph. According to the Beaufort Wind Scale this can cause heavy damage and is considered severe weather.

- at 19 to 24 mph, smaller trees begin to sway.

- at 25 to 31 mph, large branches will be in motion, whistling will be heard in overhead wires, and umbrella use becomes difficult if not impossible.

- at 32 to 38 mph, whole trees will be in motion. You'll experience some difficulty when walking into the wind.

- at 39 to 46 mph, branches and limbs can be broken from trees. Cars can also possibly veer on the road, especially high profile vehicles.

- at 47 to 54 mph, there will be light structural damage.

- at 55 to 63 mph, entire trees can be uprooted and considerable structural damage can occur.

- above 64 mph, expect widespread structural damage.


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