Tired of Paper Straws at the Club? Get A Free Reusable Straw Kit

First things first, I'm all for saving people, animals, and the planet..but OMG there's nothing more annoying than being out in Wynwood and asking for a straw and the bar where you paid (or someone paid ;) $18 for a drink doesn't use straws anymore. Or, being in Ft. Lauderdale and dining at a nice restaurant and they offer you a paper straw and 15 minutes later its soggy and breaking down inside your glass.

Thankfully, the World Wildlife Fund heard our annoying complaints and did something about it. They are mailing out free reusable straw kits. How dope is that? It'll take 6-8 weeks to get to your house and you'll probably get bombarded with emails in the future, but free is free, right?

Get yours now.


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