Hurricane Dorian Aftermath: The Next Steps for the Bahamas

It's been a little over a week since Hurricane Dorian brutally battered the islands of The Bahamas. Now, we are starting to see the numbers of death tolls, housing damages, and years it may take to see this beautiful island get to a new 'normal'.

As of now, thousands of hurricane survivors from the Bahamas are making their way to the United States by cruise ships,boats, and planes. A lot of people don't know what their next steps will be. I can only imagine what internal battle they may be fighting surviving a hurricane like that, since the death toll has risen to 50 in Abaco just last night. Some survivors witnessed the bodies of their neighbors floating around their homes after the storm - the imagery of that is truly horrific.

What is left from the storm is making search and rescue missions daunting, it's a pile of debris everywhere - the wind gusts and rain destroyed everything in it's path.

The government in the Bahamas estimate at least 100,000 people from Abaco will need water, food, and shelter while they start the grueling clean-up process. They also believe it will take years to get the island back working and fully livable.

While there is some confusion about VISA requirements to come to the states, at least 17 children from the Bahamas have started school in Broward County this week.

Even though this is a dark time in their lives, a lot of people are coming together to help the island with food, water, generators, and even beds. We will be at the Walmart in Miami Gardens near The Hard Rock Stadium on Thursday from 6am-10pm collecting items to send over.


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