Looks Like More 'Target Runs' Are OTW - Target Introduces Loyalty Program!

Target didn't need a new fancy loyalty program to keep me a loyal customer, but I'll take it! I've been a faithful Target customer since I began making my own money at the age of 14. It's something about Target that makes us go in for one thing, and come out with 15 other things (we really didn't need).

But alas, Target will release their loyalty program nationwide on October 6th. If you're like me and have a RedCard or Cartwheel account, then you will automatically be enrolled in the program. Every time you shop you will earn 1 percent back on purchases, or if you have a RedCard 5 percent back. The only thing is, you can't use points on alcohol, dairy, prescriptions, gift cards, and Same Day delivery. Which is fine, because that leaves clothes (WhoWhatWear is my thing, OK?) makeup, and everything else to use my points on. You will also receive points on your birthday!

When you're ready to redeem your points you just give them your phone number of scan the code on your app - easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Happy Target shopping!


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