WTFloridaMan: Walks Into Classroom with Knife to 'Test Secuirty'

Florida man stories are usually very odd and low-key funny - but this Florida man story is very scary.

On Friday, a 51 year-old man in Port Orange Florida rode his bicycle while drunk to a local high school. He walked onto campus and was not asked a single question by administrators. He then found his way into a classroom where he sat down at a desk. The quick thinking teacher in the room hit an emergency button and law enforcement officials arrested him. During the arrest he admitted to having a pocketknife on him because he wanted to 'test security' at the school.

While he had no right 'testing' anything - the school definitely failed. Not only did nobody stop him while he was on campus, after the teacher pressed the emergency button the school was not put on lock down nor was a 'code red' administered.

Schools MUST do better to protect children.


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