James Corden Boards 'Ye Airways' For Airpool Karaoke

If you thought an interview with Kanye West was going to be anything typical, then you thought wrong! The Late Show's, James Corden, joined Kanye West on a commercial plane to Los Angeles after his flight was 'delayed' numerous times. In the well-scripted video, James boards a plane which I honestly thought was going to be a private plane (because, Kanye) but it's filled with members of Kanye's Sunday Service singers.

After some back and forth small talk, James asks to hear some music and Kanye's Sunday Service singers start singing numerous famous songs remixed with gospel lyrics. James also interviews Kanye throughout the 20 minute video, and asks why he started doing gospel among other things. Kanye says he's made it this far by not listening to people, but its God who saved him.

Kanye release his album 'Jesus Is King' on Friday. Have you listened to it? If so, what are your thoughts?

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