All The Feels: In Xfinity's New Ad, E.T. Comes Back To Visit Elliott!

On Thursday, Xfinity released a new commercial with some blast from the past characters. In the internet company's latest ad, E.T returns to Earth in a heartwarming way/

When the commercial first begins we see kids playing in the snow outside of their house before they hear loud noises and are frightened by E.T. jumping from behind a snowman. E.T. then calls for Elliott, who just so happens to be the kid's dad. After a cute embrace between E.T. and Elliott (played by the original character), he introduces his childhood alien friend to his family and home. The family then teaches E.T. about the internet (Xfinity,duh). The ad ends with "Reconnect This Christmas" and puts us in all our feels.

It's a super cute nostalogic commercial that comes just in time for the holiday season. Check it below.

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