Teens Are Destroying Their E-Cigs In Viral TikTok Videos

It looks like some teenagers took 'New Year, New You' and ran with it. In the latest viral video craze, teenagers are destroying their e-cigarettes on TikTok. It's called #ThisIsQuitting Challenge. It was started by Truth, an organization that ' exposes big tobacco's lies and manipulation'. I'm not exactly sure how e-cigarettes became so popular, but I'm sure there's a marketing executive somewhere making tons of money off of poisoning kids.

Just recently, the government changed the age to purchase tobacco and tobacco products from 18 to 21 years-old. This step in the right direction could save tons of young adults from harming their health.

Now if we could only target the prescription medicine community so people could stop self-medicating, overdosing, and ultimately killing themselves.

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