A Britney Spears Art Exhibition Is (Allegedly) Happening

Yes, you read that correctly. A Britney Spears art exhibition is (allegedly) happening in five days. If you're tardy to the party on Britney's artistic ways then let me catch you up. Back in 2017 on Instagram, Britney began painting portraits and showcasing the pictures on her story and wall. She even sold some of them to her famous friends and gave the proceeds to victims of disasters.

Now, a French art gallery is hosting Britney Spears' artwork for an exhibition on January 18th at the Galerie Sympa (the southwest village of Figeac). The gallery made the announcement on Instagram and is happy to have her. The show is called ' Sometimes you just gotta play!!!!!!', it's named after her Instagram caption where she was playing in paint.

We're not sure if this a real exhibition or if Britney knows about it, but it's a cool idea!

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