South Florida Movie Theaters Have Opened With New Rules

Well, as South Florida is able to lift restrictions, more and more businesses are reopening. This week, movie theaters and bowling alleys were able to open if they provided a plan to keep customers safe and it was marked approved by the county.

So far, ShowBiz Cinemas in Miami-Dade County, Cinema Paradiso and Savor Cinema in Broward County have been approved for reopening. Regal Cinemas and AMC who own the most theaters in South Florida plan to be open by July 10th.

Cinema Paradiso and Savor Cinema opened on Tuesday with safety measures that included plexiglass barriers, floor markings, face mask rules and more.

Every theater will have their own set of rules and will include things like,all staff and guests must wear masks unless seated in the actual theater. Tickets will only be sold at 50% of each theater capacity.

It's going to be an interesting experience visiting a movie theater for now on. Will you be going?

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