Winner, Winner: Miami Man Wins $15 Million Lottery Jackpot

Call it a stroke of luck or pure happenstance, but a Miami Gardens man just hit the jackpot!

The Florida Lottery announced that 64-year-old Lazaro Acosta won $15 million from a scratch off game called the Gold Rush Special Edition. I've never gotten into the Powerball or any of the numeric lottery games, but I love a good scratch-off game. It's easy and lets you know ASAP if you've won anything.

Lucky for Lazaro, $15 million sounds heaven sent right now. He chose to take the lump sum payment and after taxes it came out to $10 million, which is still a BIG amount of money. Not only does he get money, the Publix that sold him the ticket receives $30,000 as well, which is super interesting because I wanna know where that money goes to (lol).

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