Drake has a past when it comes to fans intruding on his home privacy, but the Young Money MC had no worries when he took viewers on a video tour of his temporary home in Toronto as he waits for his mansion, otherwise known as "Drizzy Manor," to be built.

Earlier this week, Drizzy Drake shared a video tour of his current crib in Toronto and it's just as swanky as you'd imagine. "You know, sometimes when you’re out here on the road, you just forget like the importance of having a home," the hip-hop titan explained in the video clip. "I just came home to a temporary spot until my house is built, but it's still my home for now and I'm very inspired, very excited, you know? This just has me ready, ready to work."

As he made his way throughout the house, his camera panned across his walls, offering a glimpse of a painting of Charlie Brown and Michael Jackson as well as a neon sign that read: "Less Drake, More Tupac."

However, the end of the tour is probably the best bit of the video. "And for the grand finale," he says, before revealing a view of Toronto’s CN Tower, which is bound to make you smile, considering it was famously featured on the cover art of 2016's Views. “How fitting."

Photo: Getty Images