Could Sixers Star Ben Simmons Be Making Moves on Vanessa Hudgens?

Listen, I'm not going to be the one to fall into the trap of click bait --nor am I gonna facilitate such rumors based off such little fact...but a girl can dream right?!

Philadelphia NBA Sixers Star Ben Simmons has brought some big names to our courtside at the Wells Fargo Center, including his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

But could we soon be seeing triple threat icon Vanessa Hudgens with her head in the game? (sorry... I couldn't resist the High School Musical reference)

Given, Ben has been out recovering from a knee surgery -- ya boy has had some time on his hands to scroll while he's horizontal! And apparently, Ben literally liked one of Vanessa's bikini photos on Instagram and It actually through the internet into a guys can we CHILL let's not scare this potential away!

But apparently that wasn't the first IG of Vanessa's that ben has liked....this was the first: