TOP 5 Fun & COVID Safe Places To Watch The Eagles Game This Weekend


Well...safely and socially distant of course. Given that tailgating and going into the Linc is out of the questions this year due to the pandemic, some local restaurants are helping us find healthy, safe and most importantly FUN ways to cheer on our Eagles and celebrate the start of football season this Sunday when the Birds take on Washington!

Here's my TOP 5 places that I definitely plan on hitting up this football season:

5. Xfinity Live

This one is just a given... I live for game days at Xfinity and usually for me, there's no coming back on game days celebrated here 😂 Jay Roy is always the best at facilitating the game day fun in between drives, the food selection ranging from Chickies & Pete's fries to Lorenzo's Pizza is phenomenal, the bull riding at PBR is unmatched (and hysterical), and the drinks... let's just say they're plentiful. This year, the atmosphere outside that often takes place just outside of the stadiums will definitely be different, but not that PA is allowing some indoor dining, they're filling up some tables of 4 that will house fans inside the NBC LIVE Arena at 25% capacity for the big screen experience!

4. Rhythm and Reels Drive-In

We're bringing It back baby! The power of the drive-in is coming in HOT and It's helping us cheer on the Birds! This South Jersey theater will be showing the game on the big screen and for just $20, you'll be able to fill your car and social distance while tailgating and cheering on the Eagles!

3. Vesper Dayclub

A lot of Philadelphians know that Vesper is well known for It's Sunday Funday brunches and booze, but rather than dancing on the elevated surfaces and tables -- they're looking to use their outdoor pool venue to host some of the Eagles watch parties while the weather is still in our favor!

2. Morgan's Pier

The caption says It all here. Morgan's Pier in Penns Landing has definitely been my safe spot for entertainment throughout the pandemic. They are very regulated but also such a fun and beautiful ambience, especially to watch games with TV's all around the pier as you eat and drink below the bridge lights! And for just $75, you get the game day hook up!

1. Tradesmans

I'm so unbelievably excited about this -- this is what I call 'adjusting with the times'! This is where my reservation is for on Sunday and I couldn't be more thrilled to enjoy what almost looks like a giant Eagles block party! With a max seating for groups up to 6, you can enjoy watching the game on an inflatable giant tv in the middle of the street in Center City while getting the true game day feel!