Carson Wentz Gets BOO'd Off Field In A Fan-Less Stadium [VIDEO]

I mean we all know that Philly fans are absolute savages, that even goes for the sound guy inside our stadiums cause clearly... this has taken It to the next level.

Philadelphia have boo'd legends off the field including Bryce Harper & more, but due to the pandemic that's no longer possible when some of our hometown heroes are ('scuse my language) SH*Ting the bed when It comes to fanless games.

Not so fast, however; because the sound guy inside the Linc on Sunday night's Eagles Game against the Rams took It into his own hands and I kid you not... played a sound track of fans BOOing as Carson Wentz threw the game...literally.

The internet is spinning about how iconic this executive move was. But hey, we never said we were nice! No one likes us but us & we don't care -- for a reason 😏

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