New Northern Libs Hairstylist Opens Up About Why She Moved To Philly

Ladies... you know when we get our hair done, sometimes we could be in the chair for HOURS at a time.

Needless to say your relationship with your hairstylist becomes one similar to a therapist.

In which case, meet my amazing new hair guru, soul sister, and life coach "Britt Does Balayage" who just moved to Philly to pursue her dreams as a hairstylist & quickly became one of the most fascinating people I've ever met... which is why together we created a PODCAST based off of all the topics we talked about while I was "In The Chair"

We talk about things ranging from hair horror stories, ghosting, to how hard It is to work your way up in an industry as a woman, to the BLM Movement, to why she chose Philly & beyond.

Oh and did I mention she helped me get to my perfect blonde that I've been trying to achieve for 5 years in a matter of 5 hours?!

Here's her story.