Registered Nurse from Media PA Talks About Going From COVID To Cosmetology

Trust me, I get it. Sometimes, broadcasting news has a negative connotation and perspective. Which is why I made the choice to get into entertainment radio -- so I can bring joy to people by playing music, all while using my talents to bring positivity to people!

Same goes for nurses: They've been on the frontlines and have seen A LOT this year... which is why Registered Nurse, Natalie Rose from Media, joined me on my podcast Serving SiRACHa to bond about how she also found the joy and positivity in her job once again by transitioning from being an emergency nurse, to aesthetic nursing!

Though cosmetic enhancement has It's connotations--Natalie has found a way to use her RN expertise to help address people's insecurities & tackle them by augmenting their already natural beauty!

QUICK ABOUT ME: My entire life I've battled a stubborn pocket of fat under my chin that just refused to disappear, no matter how much weight I lost. Long story short, Natalie introduced me to Kybella (essentially an acid produced from your liver that permanently burns away fat cells so that they can no longer store fat in problematic areas) and after just 2 sessions I'm already BLOWN away by the results!

Check It out below and listen to our podcast to see how Natalie can help you squash your insecurities & allow your natural beauty to shine!