Local Tik Tok Sensations Go Viral By Changing The Spirit of Philly

Screaming at strangers has never been so exhilarating... nor has It had the power to brighten someone's day like It does when rappers Eric Howl and Plan B do it.

If you're from Philly, you've either seen them on the street or via their viral Tik Tok videos -- that of which pop OFF & put a smile on all of our faces when they shout out the beginning lyrics of a song to strangers in the streets of our already beautiful city & document their reactions. And with that being said... their reactions make Philadelphia so much more beautiful and make me love this city so much more with the unity that this game has given to us thanks to these two boys!

So naturally, we had to reverse the roles on them with their own game! Check it out as they join me on this episode of the pod (below) to talk about their goals, spirituality, manifestations & aspiring careers as rappers!