A Taste of Coney Island Is Coming to Philly With It's ICONIC Hot Dogs!

Alright hear me out.

I grew up working at my dad's hotdog restaurant in South Philly since I was TEN, yet I still never understood why people would travel to Coney Island in NYC for a hot dog...

But, looks like I'll finally get a chance to see why now that Coney Shack is coming to West Philly!

It opened last weekend and although the space might be a little smaller in size compared to the REAL Coney Island, the flavors from this new eatery are BIG & the hot dogs aren't even the half of It...

though they're the main attraction, you also can enjoy the tiki bar's sweet drinks and more!

Coney Island might be a bit of a drive, but now you can sink your teeth into the taste of the iconic NYC location right here in Philadelphia!

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