It's That Time Of Year To Sign Up For the Philly Marathon!

It's that time of year again!

And now that there's a sense of normalcy back in the world, things are going to be more HYPE than ever as races & marathons across the city start coming back into play... which leads me to my next point: IT'S TIME TO SIGN UP FOR THE PHILADELPHIA MARATHON!

Let me preface by saying I'm NOT a runner... but last year I ran my first ever race in the 10 mile Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run and surprised myself! However, that was a little different given the pandemic; A lot more free range of motion in terms of when and where you run, and setting your own pace.

So THIS year, I'll be trying my hand at the Philadelphia Marathon where I've not only ALREADY signed up, but have also began my training considering I now know how much work goes into running anything over my average 3 miles 😅

And now that I have an idea of what to expect, here's how I've been preparing to add 3 more miles to my journey as I shoot my shot at the HALF marathon (which is 13.1 miles) for anyone else that's interested!

DIET: For my eating habits, I've downloaded the "Fast Metabolism By Haylie Pomroy" App (One time $4 purchase). Essentially this diet consists of what some call carb stacking, portion control, and eating a meal every 3 hours to boost your metabolism so your body is always burning! I also love this app cause It tells you exactly what you can eat when! And It also had great variation of carbs, fruits, healthy fats, proteins and more.

EXERCISE: To train for the marathon, I hit up my Trainer Trae at the Xplosive Performance Lab in Cherry Hill. He is VERY adamant about stretching and recovery which is important to me, considering after last years run, I ran into some back issues. So as we train for the next marathon, he is sure to ALWAYS give me a stretching and warm-up regimen as well as recovery with a theragun. But as for the training... check out some videos below of how Trae has been whipping my butt into SHAPE!

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