Tate McRae Rejoins Us After Quarantine & Redeems Herself With The Macarena

We've come full circle folks! As the last artist we had in the Q102 studios right before the pandemic hit, we found It only fitting that we pick up where we left off by having Tate McRae join us back in Philly for Jingle Ball as the first welcome back to the city after the shut down!

So much has evolved for my self-proclaimed mini me (yes, I'm 10 years older than her but boy do our personalities just MESH).

Tate has gone from 200 capped rooms to performing at Madison Square Garden and through it all, our girl Tate somehow managed to find the time to redeem herself and learn the Macarena before our reuniting in Philly!

Check out the quick video clip and the full podcast below!

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