Omarion Pokes Fun At People Confusing Him With "Omicron"

The latest viral sensation? (And no... I'm talk talking about the viral infection we know and hate as COVID-19)

I'm talking about social media viral -- that of which STILL has to do with the viral infection...

With the rising cases of COVID 19 and the variant "Omicron", people on social media have been poking fun at rapper/singer Omarion and how similar the two names actually are. Tik Tok trends SWEEPING the platform of how with just one "touch" (one of Omarions hit songs) you can spread the COVID variant 😂

Even Actor LaKeith Stanfield took to social media to take a jab at Omarion:

But don't worry, the king knows how to take a joke and even poked back in a video he uploaded to Tik Tok to wish his fans a happy new year!

Check It out below!

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