Here's A HEALTHY Version Of Jelly Beans For Your Easter Candy

Talk about a DIY, that is almost just as fun as dying Easter Eggs BTW!

Ok maybe not... but It kind of felt like It if I'm being honest! I tried to find a healthy alternative to the Easter Candy that we all so desperately look forward to and cannot stop indulging in (no? Just me?). So rather than feeling guilty about It, I found something just as colorful & doesn't compromise the taste of some of our favorite holiday treats.

SO, if you're a jelly bean family & prefer the sours over chocolates.... then THIS is for you. Introducing my twist on Easter Jelly Beans made from literally 2 ingredients: Green Grapes & Jello -- all of which you can get at ACME Markets!

Just roll your washed grapes in different flavors of the jello powder (yes, the version before you mix It in water... so no you're not making jello LOL)

So once you do that, put them on a tray with wax paper & let them sit in the freezer for like 30 min and HOLY HOLY... it's kind of shocking the resemblance of taste, and guilt free! Check It out below!

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