WATCH: Tupac's Ex is Selling A Pic of His Man Parts for $7500!

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I had to read this a couple times to make sure I was reading correctly lol, but yea! Pac's ex from when he was really young snapped pic of his goods and now wants money for it. I am just wondering...who the hell is going to buy it? And where are they going to put it? You can't exactly hang a penic pic up on the wall in your house...just saying...

News that a photo of Tupac Shakur's penis will be sold doesn't sit well with a member of the music icon's group, Outlawz. E.D.I. Mean chopped it up with TMZ about the situation and gave his opinion on how it should be handled. "I think the thirst is real about the [penis] pic of my homeboy Tupac," he said. "The young lady that's selling it, I'm sure she has a family or maybe children and she needs the money. But, I'm more curious just to see who would want it. You're talking about a pic that was taken in his late teens ... 19, 20-years old. So, how much of a real relationship could they have had? I'm sure Tupac doesn't mean that much to her. Especially if she's selling a pic like this. I absolutely think it should not be sold. At best it should be given back to his estate. She should destroy it" E.D.I. goes on to say that if 'Pac was still alive he wouldn't want the photo to see the light of day. "I think if he had survived and had lived to make it to 46-47 years old ... he would absolutely not want this pic [out there]" E.D.I. continued. "He would probably be married with children. Something like that. And definitely would not want this picture being out there for public consumption." As we previously reported, an ex-girlfriend of the late rapper has teamed up with a Rock and Roll auction house, hoping to fetch $7500 for the photo. If her asking price isn't met it will go to the highest bidder. #tupac #tupacpenispic #tupacshakur #2pac #makavelithedon #outlawz #edimean #yakikadafi #husseinfatal #youngnoble #cbo #scarface #penispic #sugeknight #drdre #snoopdogg #deathrowrecords #thenotoriousbig #jayz #mobbdeep #jimmyhenchman #haitianjack #afenishakur #assatashakur #dazdillinger #natedogg #jadapinkettsmith #alleyezonme

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