Jimmy Fallon Plays Harry Styles In 73 Questions Parody

Harry Styles is no stranger to the 'Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' so it makes sense that Jimmy can do a pretty good impression of him by now! In a new skit, Jimmy did a parody of Vogue's "73 Questions" and he acted as Harry Styles. He was dressed in one of Harry's outfits, even had a Harry wig on and some facial hair, but the best part- he did a SPOT ON impersonation of Harry's voice.

If you're a stan like I am, you know Harry kind of talks a little slower and also has a habit of answering questions indirectly. Honestly sometimes he doesn't even answer the question, but says something even better, which once again Jimmy NAILED!

I feel like all the Harries (and Directioners) could really appreciate this one. Check it out below!

Photo: Getty