Why The Kamala Harris Vogue Cover Is Upsetting People

Kamala Harris is the latest Vogue magazine cover girl! While she looks fabulous- unfortunately, people are not pleased with how it looks.

On the cover, Kamala is wearing a black blazer, black jeans, and converse sneakers. The background is a green background with a pink drape. 

Many are upset because they think that a different photo of Kamala and background should've been used. 

One fan wrote, "PLEASE DO HER JUSTICE and REDO this cover! Put her in a background that is regal like she is! Your old drape from the CEO’s office is insulting." Another said, "Love that she’s on the cover but why this one?! Y’all could’ve done WAYYYY BETTER."

Vogue is known for their elegant covers so I'm a little shocked they went this route with Kamala. Sure she is known for wearing a blazer and her converse so I can see wanting to capture her in her natural element, but I agree- AT LEAST change the background. Nevertheless, being on the cover of Vogue is a huge honor and Kamala looks so cool on it!

Photo: Getty