Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack Gets South Florida Yacht Experience

The young boy who made headlines last summer for saving his sister from a vicious dog attack was given a South Florida VIP yacht experience for his heroic efforts. Seven-year-old Bridger Walker and his family were treated to an all-expenses paid yacht experience by Florida Yachts International.

You may remember Bridger's story made headlines last summer- the 7-year-old boy was mauled after bravely putting himself between the charging dog and his sister, ending up with more than 90 stitches.

The company’s CEO wanted to give back to the family saying “When a young kid doesn’t care about his life and puts his life at risk to save his sister, it’s very, very special."

NGL- this story made me a little emotional! This family deserves this and more! I love a happy ending.

Photo: Getty