Emma Stone Says She Practiced Her 'Cruella' Laugh In The Shower

Los Angeles Premiere Of Disney's "Cruella"

Photo: Getty Images North America

It took a lot to get Emma Stone prepared to do that iconic villain laugh she did in the new Cruella movie. She explains that she couldn't do it in front of anyone because it was "so humiliating to work on."

So to work on it, she said she did it in the shower. She said, "I did all my cackling in the shower. I did my cackling alone."

TBH, the acoustics in the shower are way too good- you know someone else heard her in there LOL 😂 I don't blame her though I only sing in the shower because "I think" no one else can hear me too 😅 Her laugh was iconic though. What did you think of her as Cruella?

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