Pete Davidson Explains Falling Off SNL Stage With Machine Gun Kelly

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Pete Davidson was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (September 8th) to promote Saturday Night Live’s 9/11 special and he told the story of when he and Machine Gun Kelly fell off stage- from his perspective 😂

MGK appeared on SNL back in January and he really wanted to do “something silly” at the end of the show but Davidson says "He (MGK) bruised his coccyx that week. If you don't know what a coccyx is, it's the bone in your a**."

MGK forgot he had the injury and tried to pick up Pete as the credit rolled and fell backward. Davidson says the moment happened so slowly the pair was able to have a conversation,"It was such a slow fall we had time for him to go, 'Oh no!' And I went, 'You're a f**king moron,'" Davidson laughed."It was that slow. I got the whole line out." 

LOL I feel like I can relate to this sooo much. I've had my fair share of falls on a night out and as fast as it happens, it totally feels like the fall is in slow mo! Relive the hilarious SNL moment below!

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