Sami Jo's Best Dressed List From The Met Gala 2022

Not sure if you can tell but the Met Gala was last night LOL This is one of my favorite night's of the year. I don't claim to be an expert on fashion, but I do love it and appreciate it (and do know a thing or two about the designers 😉). When I lived in NY, I used to go to the Met to check out the exhibit after each Gala and walk the steps just so I could say I walked the same steps Rihanna did LOL

The theme last night was Gilded Glamour and the celebs delivered 👏👏 There were a few stand out looks that really hit the mark last night IMO! I decided to round up some of MY favorite looks (please don't come for me if your fave did not make the list 😅)

First up Blake Lively- because she is the MOMENT! She dressed in "copper" and then "oxidized" like the statue of liberty. Iconic. She never misses at the Met Gala though!

Shawn Mendes in upcycled Tommy Hilfiger. Honestly my favorite men's look of the night!

Vanessa Hudgens in Moschino. This would be a dream to wear- and may I add that she did an AMAZING job co-hosting the Vogue livestream of the carpet!

Billie Eilish nailed the theme this year! I mean 😱

I know ya'll are gonna come for me for this one... but I'm not mad at Kylie Jenner's look. She was supposed to go with Virgil who unfortunately passed away last year, and his team from Off White still dressed her for the occasion. I thought it was a cool modern take on the theme- I mean where else could you wear a cap and wedding dress, but at the Met? Also Kendall Jenner was the perfect ying to her yang!

Cardi B and Donatella Versace understood the assignment 👏👏

I SCREAMED when I saw Anitta!

Lizzo ft. her flute- need I say more!!

Hailey Bieber. The stockings, the feathers- I mean she could make a paper bag look great, but she is literally old school Hollywood glam perfection in this look!

Literally almost cried when I saw Meg Thee Stallion. It's the shoulders for me. She did that for the hotties!

Camila Cabello! Honestly I would wear this to a special event. Love the two piece look!

And finally... Miss Kimberly Noelle Kardashian. She won. She looked absolutely stunning in Marilyn Monroe's dress (yes this is the exact dress she wore when she sang happy birthday to JFK). Only she could pull it off. She is the epitome of Hollywood glamor and who better to wear Marilyn than Kim? She did change in to a replica dress once she got inside and I do not blame her. Could you imagine spilling onion dip on that? Do they even serve onion dip at the Met... anyway.

There were so many iconic looks from last night that I simply cannot fit into this blog. I would be here for hours. But these are a few of my favorites! Who was the best dressed in your opinion last night?

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