Zac Efron Wants To Join the MCU


Photo: Getty Images

Zac Efron is looking to get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I thought the MCU couldn't get any better since putting Harry Styles in Eternals, but this would be ICONIC!

Fans have been wanting to see Efron in the MCU, and during an interview, he confirmed he wants to be there too. 

"I've been a fan of Marvel since I started walking," said Zac. "If the right character comes along, and they want me to jump, I would jump at the opportunity." I mean who wouldn't?! I would literally pay money to be an extra in any of those movies 😅

What MCU character do you think would be perfect for Zac Efron? Of course everyone would want him to be a superhero, but why do I want to see him be the villain 🤔

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