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Dachshunds Took Over Key West Yesterday To Celebrate 'Wienerpalooza'

Funny black and tan dachshund dog with bright yellow colored socks for pets or children on ears is lying on sofa, advertising clothing.

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, over 150 pups took over Key West to celebrate "Wienerpalooza", a parade dedicated to dachshunds!

Many of the pups were dressed up for the event, with costumes ranging from hot dogs in buns to pastel-tailed mermaids and a unicorn with a silver horn.

The Grand Marshall of the event, Chester, a 12-year-old rescue dachshund, even wore a tux and a top hat.

And a costumed Golden Doodle puppy wore a sign declaring him a “dachshund in training.”

Attendees were sure to snap a bunch of "pupparazzi" photos, as it was an adorable parade!

All proceeds for the event were donated to charity, to local Key West nonprofit that benefits animals in need.

Brb - getting a dachshund ASAP so I can join in next year!!!

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