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Paris Fashion Week Recap: Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner's WILD Looks

Celine at The Wiltern

Photo: Getty Images

Paris Fashion Week is here and the looks are just getting crazier and crazier!

Both Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner were in attendance for the Schiaparelli show and just... wow...

Doja cat was covered in red body paint and over 30,000 Swarovski crystals that took almost 5 hours to put on!! She's is giving mystique from x- men but in red lol

I also don't think I'd be able to sit for that long to do all of that!

Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, wore a dress complete with an entire lion head (in true leo fashion, of course!). Don't worry - no real animals were harmed in the making of the dress, as everything was hand sculpted for the show.

Schiaparelli explained that the dress was done as "The leopard, the lion, and the she-wolf—representing lust, pride, and avarice in Dante’s iconic allegory — in hand sculpted foam, resin, wool and silk faux fur, hand painted to look as life-like as possible."

Check out the process of that dress below!

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