Top TikTok Dances of 2020

With a lot of extra time on our hands in 2020, TikTok has really become a form of entertainment and exercise. While many of the dances started with eager teens, celebrities and parents are also jumping on the dance-challenge band wagon. Here we look at some of the top TikTok dances of 2020 so far.

Doja’s Cat’s “Say So”: You’ve heard this catchy hit song from Doja Cat on the radio and there are literally millions of people dancing to it on TikTok with a punch-punch and body roll. Doja Cat credited Haley Sharpe @yodelinghaley for creating the dance and later cast her in the music video:

This was a brand new song from Drake that he cleverly leaked a couple days before the song impacted radio and streaming. It was perfectly orchestrated, as social media influencer Toosie posted an instructional video showing how to do the Toosie Slide, with a clip of Drake singing the new song in the background. Lots of celebs jumped on this one right away, including Justin Bieber:

Benee’s “Supalonely”: This super catchy song went viral as many had fun with the line “I know I f***ed up, I’m just a loser, shouldn’t be with ya, guess I’m a quitter”. Check @zoifishh who posted the dance in early February, and if you check out her page, she also included a tutorial at half speed:

The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”: This turned out to be a great group-dance challenge if you are quarantined with family or a couple roommates, just make sure you have enough space to run around:

Megan Thee Stallion “Savage”: The dance for this song is one thing, but if you start to get lost in #savagechallenge on TikTok, you’ll see some pretty funny videos that have nothing to do with dancing. Including actress Kerry Washington’s Instagram attempt:

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