Is The 'Trolls' Poppy Doll Too Offensive? Mom's Weigh In...

After a petition, and a ton of negative press, Hasbro has decided to pull the controversial "Giggle and Sing Poppy" doll from store shelves. On Twitter, a concerned mom watched the video and demonstrates exactly why touching a button near Poppy's "private parts" to make her giggle and produce other noises, is completely inappropriate.

The petition to remove the doll had over 150,000 signatures by the time Hasbro announced they would remove the doll from retailers. Most people appear to have a problem with Poppy's second button under her skirt, that causes her to giggle and make noises like "oooh" and "wheee!".

After watching the video demonstration, do you think this was an over-reaction?

(Photo: Getty Images)

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