The Water in Miami-Dade Could Taste Funny Starting This Weekend

The tap water in Miami-Dade could taste a little funny starting this weekend. The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department will be doing its "Spring Cleaning" this month, starting Sunday November 8th. The department says they will temporarily change the method used to chlorinate the drinking water supply at its water treatment plants.

The change involves switching to free chlorine, from chloramine but it could affect the taste of the water, to give it more of a chlorine taste. Some customers may notice this taste or smell, but the county advises that it's just a temporary condition and the tap water will not cause any adverse health affects. Pet owners of tropical fish, and managers of restaurants and stores with fish holding tanks are encouraged to seek professional advice, the county said.

While the Spring cleaning is happening, you could experience reduced water pressure or even cloudy looking water. And if your water is cloudy looking? They advise to let the water run three to five minutes until it clears again. If the taste bothers you, you could always switch to bottled water for the two weeks.

Photo: Getty