The Next Named Storm In Atlantic Hurricane Season Will Be Theta



2020 is the year that just keeps giving and it’s about to be the biggest Hurricane season ever. While we wait to see if Tropical Storm Eta will circle back and run over South Florida, another new non-tropical low pressure system located several hundred miles southwest of the Azores is getting organized. Hurricane Forecasters expect the development to form a Tropical or subtropical storm in the next few days while the system moves eastward or east-northeastward over the Atlantic.

The current predictions say there is a 50% chance it develops in the next 48 hours, but a 70% chance it will develop over the next 5 days. The next named storm of the season will be Theta from the Greek alphabet as we ran out of names back in September.

The National Hurricane Center says 2005 and 2020 are now tied for the most named storms in the season (28) and the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season has no intention of ending soon... 😩

Photos: National Hurricane Center