Post Malone's New Wine for Thanksgiving!

Post Malone says rosé is for drinking "when you feel fancy". And he likes it so much he launched his very own rosé called Maison No. 9 earlier this summer. It was so popular, it sold out during the pre-sale. Now it's back on store shelves, just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Rosé pairs very well with Turkey dinner and the flavors. A dry rosé from Provence is your best bet, and that's exactly the area that inspired Post Malone's wine. The name was inspired from his favorite Tarot Card, the Nine of Swords. The tarot card stands for the fear and anxiety that come with daily challenges in life, and how we can sometimes make mountains out of molehills.

The wine comes in three sizes and is available at Total Wine. A 750ml bottle runs around $22.

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