CDC: COVID-19 Variant Cases Spike In Florida

The number of cases of the new, more-contagious COVID-19 variant is growing in Florida. The CDC has a tracking website where you can see where the 293 cases of the variant in the US have come from, and the numbers nearly doubled in Florida since their last report, to 92 this week. They have not released county or city-specific information.

To compare how quickly this variant is spreading in other states, California has reported 90 cases, 22 in New York, and Texas only has 7 cases. To view the map, click here.

With word that other variants are also spreading in South Africa and Brazil, President Biden has restricted non-US residents from travelling to the US from countires like South Africa, Brazil and other European Countries. Companies developing vaccines are currently working to keep up with the new variants, and in some cases, offer boosters to existing vaccines.