Florida man charged with animal cruelty after locking bird in hot car

Naples, FL - A man was arrested on animal cruelty charges after he left a parrot unattended in a South Florida vehicle for hours on Saturday.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office says the bird was panting and its feathers were fluffed while it paced inside the hot vehicle.

Police say Domestic Animal Services tested the vehicle’s temperature, which registered a reading of 100 degrees.

Deputies identified the owner of the bird and vehicle as 63-year-old Shawn Wilder.

Wilder showed up to the scene an hour after the investigation began, telling deputies that he removed the bird from his home because his landlord did not allow birds in the residence. 

The 63-year-old told deputies the bird was in the car while he was getting keys to a new residence and talking to a new landlord.

Wilder was arrested on animal cruelty charges and taken to the Naples Jail, where he was released on bond.

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