Drunk Florida man arrested for starting fight with police officer

Cape Coral, FL -  Police in Southwest Florida arrested a man over the weekend after he allegedly tried to start a fight with a police officer while drunk.

The Cape Coral Police Department says Christopher Otero, an employee of the city's Utilities Department, was arrested after trying to start a fight with an officer near the Pelican Sports Complex off SW 2nd Court.

Police say Otero charged at an officer sitting inside of a patrol car across the street from his residence.

Otero became aggressive and told the officer he was upset with the way the city's police department handled a previous "Suspicious Vehicle" call.

The officer noted that Otero's breath smelled of alcohol and his eyes were glassy.

When asked to return to his home by the officer, Otero replied "I own this joint."

When the officer asked a family member to help get him back inside his home, Otero aggressively shoved the victim's arms.

Otero was arrested and charged with battery on a person 65 or older.

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