Real-Life Husband Calling Contest At Iowa State Fair Goes Viral On TikTok


Photo: iStockphoto

A TikTok video of the 2017 Iowa State Fair husband calling contest is currently going viral, with over 1 million views on the video-sharing platform.

The contest is a part of the Heritage competitions held in Pioneer Hall at the fairgrounds and features around 12 to 15 entries each year. Other contests include mom calling, hog calling, and other family-friendly events.

The schedule of contests is posted before the fair starts, and potential entrants can typically sign up an hour before the competitions begin.

The video shows the top five finalists' efforts to win the grand prize of $5, and all participants received a ribbon.

The video starts with the fifth-place finalist calling her husband's name and ends with the champion Bonnie Swalwell Eilert repeatedly calling her husband Roy's name.

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