Jennifer Lopez Invites Y100 Into Her Home For An Exclusive Interview.

Wow! What can we say? J. Lo, yes,THAT J. Lo, aka Jenny from the block, aka Jennifer Lopez invited Y100 to her house in Miami for an exclusive interview and we would have to be crazy to say no! Y100's Frankie P sat with the singer, actress, dancer, entrepreneur, and any other titles you want to use to describe this amazing woman, and discussed her new song "Medicine", her upcoming tour, her 50th birthday, and how to tackle co-parenting. She also talks about how her tour will coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the release of her debut album, "On The 6". Watch the full interview below!

If you are interested in buying tickets to J. Lo's "It's My Party" Tour, below are the links to the dates she has scheduled for Miami.