Miami Beaches, Casinos & Nightclubs Closed Over COVID-19, Voting Continues

With the numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) rising, government officials are urging more and more precautions to the people of this country. The number is now at 192 confirmed cases in Florida, and it was just 160 last night, Monday.

On a local level, our own Mayor Francis Suarez has tested positive and has been keeping a digital journal of his symptoms and thoughts:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that all bars and nightclubs must close by 5pm today, St. Patrick's Day of all days. Restaurant operations are being handled on a city-by-city level, but even the ones who decide to stay open are expected to follow the "no more than 10 people seated to dine" rule. Beaches are closed until further notice along the coast.

Casinos are all closing as well, expect Seminole locations (which include the Hard Rock in Hollywood) which will be observing "social distancing" requirements to stay open.

Voting will continue as well, with the Governor saying this: “These things can be done in ways where there are not large crowds."

Sources: WHO, Sun Sentinel, NBC6

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