South Pointe Park Closed After Warnings

Grand re-opening, grand closing...that's what happened to the South Pointe Park in Miami Beach after being open for just five days to the public. The park was originally closed for six weeks due to COVID-19 concerns.

The closing comes as no shock though, Miami's City Manager sent out a couple warnings about practicing social distancing and wearing face masks. In fact, park rangers wrote almost 10,000 warnings out to park-goers all across Miami.

It is a shame that people could not follow directions, but in my Mom's words 'rather safe than sorry'.

Some residents are frustrated and plan to protest the City Manager's closing of the park.

There is no word yet on if and when the park will reopen. As we know, the majority of Florida opened back up yesterday for business, but Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami are still shut down. South Florida has 51% of the coronavirus cases.

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