Diplo Suing Woman Who Sent Nudes To His Exes, Claims Stalking & Harassment

Imagine sending someone nudes cause you're mutually interested and hooking up, only to later be blackmailed by that person with those same nudes! YIKES...

This is exactly what's allegedly happening in Diplo's life lately. Reportedly, he's got 99 problems and a chick indefinitely one of them, according to his legal representation: “This individual has continued to stalk and harass my client and his family for more than a year.”

The unnamed woman in question met the internationally-known DJ online and the two exchanged nudes and even met up for some alone time. Things went downhill this year when the lady accused Diplo of secretly recording their bedroom activities and in retaliation sent his nudes to his exes.TheThe

Diplo isn't the shy type about nudes, though, judging by his Instagram... but it's the principle, you know? We'll see where this week's legal filings will lead to in the near future.


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