'Booby Trap-Type' Explosives Found During Eviction In California

 Robert Bradford, 35

Photo: San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office

An entire neighborhood in Stockton, California, was evacuated after authorities found "booby trap-type" explosives while trying to evict a resident.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office sent deputies to serve an eviction notice and a restraining order to Robert Bradford, 35. When the officers arrived, they got into a physical altercation with Bradford but managed to take him into custody. During the struggle, they noticed the explosive devices in the home.

Officials said that Bradford knew he was being evicted and rigged pipe bombs to injure the responding officers.

"When they arrived to serve the involved party, he attacked our deputy, and so during the struggle, he was able to be detained, and they were able to see several booby-trapped explosive devices around them," said Sandra Mendez, spokesperson for the sheriff's office.

They called in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team and asked neighbors to leave their homes for a few hours while they disarmed the explosives.

"They told us to leave for two hours, and it's exceeded well over two hours," one of Bradford's neighbors told KMAX"I stay in my house and leave him alone. I just stay away.".

Officials said it took longer than expected because they found multiple devices inside the home, along with multiple weapons, including handguns, long guns, and an ax.

The bomb squad rendered the devices safe and determined that they were not explosive.

Bradford was taken to the hospital following his arrest and was transferred to the San Joaquin County Jail after he was released. Officials did not provide details about his injuries. He is facing multiple weapons charges, along with charges of violating a court order and battery on a peace officer. His bail was set at over $1 million.

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